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SaaS GTM Growth Initiatives

A successful Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy is more than the initial launch—it needs disciplined attention to detail and continuous evolution. We activate your strategy by doing the grassroots work that transforms planning into activities and outcomes. Uncover opportunities within your customer base, increase the scale and sophistication of your marketing and sales and make customer success an obsession.

Geo and Market Expansion

Demystify your GTM strategy. Build an execution plan to introduce based on your customers and your business, be it through new products and services or optimizing existing commercial offerings. Improve customer journeys through every lifecycle stage.

Demand Generation

Develop targeted marketing initiatives and hand-crafted campaigns that create awareness, generate demand, and drive customer engagement. Send the right message at the right time, to the right people using the right channel.

Customer Diversification

Expand geographies and market segments by adding new revenue streams. Explore the broader distribution of your existing products and services with a strategy tailored to your business.

Sales Enablement

Equip your salespeople with the tools, insight, and resources they need to convert customer requirements into solutions that sell in a competitive market. Enable sellers to create customer narratives beyond sales pitches and become a conversation with a trusted advisor.

Customer Success

develop a customer-centric culture that ensures customer satisfaction and drives retention and repeat sales. Optimize onboarding experiences and provide forums for actionable customer feedback.

At EDGE GTM, we understand that a successful GTM strategy goes beyond the initial launch—it’s about disciplined attention to detail and continuous evolution. Our “GTM Growth Initiatives” are designed to activate your strategy with grassroots work that translates planning to activities and outcomes.


Exploratory Call

Schedule a call to discuss your current GTM strategy, areas you seek to improve and ways EDGE GTM can help.


Strategic Design

Develop a customized plan outlining specific initiatives aligned with your business goals.


Needs Assessment

EDGE GTM captures what’s working and what needs improvement with your current GTM strategy and identifies areas for improvement and optimization.


Performance Metrics

Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success and impact of the initiatives defined in the Execution Roadmap.


Collaborative Ideation

Engage in collaborative brainstorming to game out challenges, define solutions and prioritize action plans based on effort and outcomes.


Execution Roadmap

Create a step-by-step roadmap for implementing and executing the growth initiatives.

Our Reputation.

As part of a Sales & Marketing Kickoff, I collaborated closely with Edge Consulting. They helped educate and inspire my team, ensuring they were equipped to meet the demands of the upcoming fiscal year. Their commitment and effort, played a significant role in what was a successful SKO by any objective measure.

Jeff RothVice President - Strategic Alliances Avalara

Tom Williams is a certifiable rockstar!

Vince MenzioneCEO, Ultimate Partner™ | Host, Ultimate Guide to Partnering®

I start a new role as Director of Partnerships at Greenhouse software. I'm so grateful to you for giving me a platform at Catalyst and an opportunity to reflect on my experience. It was really helpful in landing this role. I'm thrilled to start and am confident PL is going to be a great support to me and my team in this endeavor.

Leslie (Wong) GuidoDirector Partnerships, Greenhouse Software Inc.

I was fortunate to have Tom as a colleague, initially leading Business Development and then Sales at Socrata, where I was CEO. Tom's versatile, hard-working and a great leader and motivator. There aren't many people like Tom who can both single-handedly architect and close company-defining strategic partnerships as well as lead the sales team of a fast-growing company. Tom is also one of the kindest, most authentic and most relatable people as well.

Kevin MerrittEntrepreneur | Investor | COO

We focus on program and process design using proven frameworks and methodologies widely adopted by companies as large AWS, Microsoft and Salesforce and as small as early-stage start-ups.

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