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Professional Development

Successful go-to-market professionals share a common set of skills and experiences. They need to have a working knowledge of business functions and technologies. They are curious, creative and able to appreciate alternative points of view.

Our specialty is working with these kinds of individuals to help develop their ability to navigate complex business scenarios, be it a board of directors meeting, a quarterly business review or a first call with a customer or partner.  We act as fellow travelers who listen, collaborate, challenge and support the individual. We cultivate a growth mindset, increase aptitude and develop mastery.

Organizational Objective Planning

Our service is dedicated to helping establish and achieve actionable goals that align with personal and professional objectives. Working in collaboration, we help define specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals that are both challenging and attainable.

Organizational Alignment

Learn how to connect with individuals, teams, and department leaders where they are using their language to foster greater collaboration and achieve common goals.

Co-selling Best Practices

Master SaaS co-sales motions by elevating the skills of the sales individual. Learn proven tools and techniques to develop a programmatic approach to partner co-sales engagement. Learn the steps to develop productive sales engagements using proven tools and techniques that produce long-term success.

SaaS Sales Coaching

We work with sales team members to enhance their situational awareness and develop provocative points of view utilizing practical tools and real-life examples to boost sales enablement efforts. We help develop expertise and cultivate a growth mindset using your sales tools, processes and methodologies.

Mentorship & Professional Development

One-on-one coaching for professionals seeking to chart a career in SaaS partnerships, alliances and ecosystems. Hear from accomplished professionals on the value of “why” when engaging with cross-functional team members and building business acumen. See the value of a personal success plan with key metrics that will contribute to both personal and organizational goals.

What People Are Saying

I start a new role as Director of Partnerships at Greenhouse software. I'm so grateful to you for giving me a platform at Catalyst and an opportunity to reflect on my experience. It was really helpful in landing this role. I'm thrilled to start and am confident PL is going to be a great support to me and my team in this endeavor.

Leslie (Wong) GuidoDirector Partnerships, Greenhouse Software Inc.

I was fortunate to have Tom as a colleague, initially leading Business Development and then Sales at Socrata, where I was CEO. Tom's versatile, hard-working and a great leader and motivator. There aren't many people like Tom who can both single-handedly architect and close company-defining strategic partnerships as well as lead the sales team of a fast-growing company. Tom is also one of the kindest, most authentic and most relatable people as well.

Kevin MerrittEntrepreneur | Investor | COO

Expert sales leader, mentor, friend, casual philosopher, and full of the goodness of life. There are sales leaders and then there are the true experts who have perfected the craft. Those are leaders you would follow anywhere. Tom is the latter. Tom consistently pushes you to pursue greater and greater excellence even after he's no longer paid to do so. Tom is in that rare echelon of people you feel blessed to know.

Robert ThomasRegional Sales Manager, Strategic Accounts at Splunk

Finding the right mentor is both difficult and essential to growth. I was fortunate to connected with Tom three years ago as I was just stepping into a sales leadership role. His knowledge, experience, and communication style helped me grow both personally and professionally. Armed with a full arsenal of insights and resources to accompany his personal sales experiences, Tom was always a great sounding board.

Tom helped me build and structure my sales department in a variety of ways; strategic territory planning, hiring, talent development, performance tracking, forecasting, deal structuring, and overall department accountability. He helped me navigate complex enterprise deals and has always been responsive and timely on follow-through. This allowed me to work more effectively and make confident decisions. I've become a better sales professional, leader, and teammate after working with Tom. Tom will continue to impact the next generation of leaders.

Kevin WilliamsEnterprise Sales Director Innovint Inc.

Tom is a good leader and better human. He cares deeply about his craft, his team and the community around him. He's an excellent collaborator and advisor. A strategic thinker and able to translate strategies into actionable plans that propel the business forward. He's someone you want to go to work with.

Aaron CostelloSenior Director, Strategic Alliances | PagerDuty

Tom simultaneously inspires, challenges, and leads. Working with Tom at Salesforce, he was outstanding at navigating a complex organization and shepherding disparate teams toward a common goal. An extremely effective leader and collaborator, he's particularly adept at fostering collaboration between my professional services team and our partner teams. A mentor and friend who is always my first call when working through a complex strategic challenge.

Shali SobersCustomer Success and Digital Transformation Leader, Splunk

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